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About The Gold IRA Company

After spending many thousands of hours over the past 2 decades as a Senior Precious Metal Portfolio Manager, helping many men, women, and families successfully diversify their portfolios with the addition of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, I have come to believe that a secret to being truly at peace and successful in life, is to pause and take a moment for mindful stillness, breath, and reflection before each of life’s many transitions and acquisitions.

By relaxing into that quiet place of inner peace and wisdom that lies deep within each of us, I found that I would always be filled with a supernatural glow and guidance, as well as a deep sense of knowing and confidence.

I believe so much failure and frustration in life comes out of actions taken in hurry, worry, and anxiety, and that so much abundance and success in life is lost due to perfectionism, procrastination, and paralysis.

Like my old friend Lon the swimmer says, when he goes into the water and takes calm, measured, long, smooth strokes, he always arrives at his destination faster than when he panics and splashes about – which, in the end, only causes him to loose his speed and energy.

The Gold IRA Company and affiliates have successfully conducted multimillions of dollars of precious metals transactions over the years on behalf of our clients and we look forward to welcoming, helping, and serving you with all of our many years of excellent industry expertise and outstanding customer satisfaction.

It is in this awareness that I started The Gold Ira Company – To create a service oriented investment environment that would help individuals invest mindfully for an abundant, peaceful, and golden future.

To Success in all areas of your life,

Christine von Liederbach Founder and CEO of The Gold Ira Company, Inc