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By: Christine von Liederbach
August 13, 2016
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For centuries Gold as been valued as a timeless store of wealth throughout the world. The intrinsic value of gold has long protected investors as a safe haven from inflation, deflation, and currency devaluation.

A great example of gold as a store of value can be seen in a $20 U.S. gold piece. In the 1930’s one U.S. $20 Gold coin could buy a man’s suit and that same gold coin will still buy a man’s suit today in 2016 – over 80 years later.  However, today one $20 paper dollar will not buy a man’s suit, demonstrating the drastic loss of value in paper money compared to gold over time.

Gold is valued for many reasons including its rarity, beauty and usefulness, in fact it is believed that Earth’s gold came from the cataclysmic cosmic event of two neutron stars colliding with each other showering the earth in gold. As Richard Russell, author of the Dow Theory Letters, puts it in his Ode to Gold: “Gold represents indestructible wealth.  Gold possesses some properties that are beyond the scope of other investments.  Gold can’t go broke, because gold does not derive its purchasing power from any sovereign power or central bank.  Gold is tangible and is accepted everywhere – in good times or bad.  Gold exists outside the world’s banking system.  Unlike fiat money, gold is wealth on its own.  It is tangible and not the fantasy-creation of central bankers. Gold does not need a sponsor or the acceptance of an expert (such as pricing a Picasso painting), because all gold is intrinsically the same.  Gold does not tarnish nor does it degenerate – the gold in your watch may be the same gold that Cleopatra wore around her neck.  The supply of gold, unlike paper money, is limited.  Alchemists have tried for centuries to turn other metals into gold – but have never succeeded.  Gold is a beautiful metal on its own and the lust for gold seems to be built into the DNA of mankind.  If you ownten thousand ounces of gold, you can say that you will ALWAYS be wealthy.”

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