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Money & Markets: Fed Is Ready to Send Inflation Soaring Again

Money & Markets: Fed Is Ready to Send Inflation Soaring Again

By: Christine von Liederbach
August 31, 2020
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Article by Michael Carr in Money & Markets After years of struggling to push inflation above 2%, the Federal Reserve is changing how it measures inflation. In the future, the Fed plans to use average inflation. When the number is stuck below 2%, like it is now, the Fed can be more aggressive. This should unleash inflation. The plan is this: When the Fed decides inflation should drop, policy changes will push it back below 2%. The average will be 2% in the long run. The History of Inflation The chart above shows that it isn’t easy to manage. Inflation spent most of the last 12 years under 2%It was above 2% for the 40 years before that. It was difficult to control once it raced above 2% in 1966. Increased government spending triggered price gains. After that, a wage-price spiral developed. Prices moved up. Wages increased to match higher prices. Then, prices moved up again. Wages rose, trying to match prices. That continued for years. Inflation peaked at 14.5% in 1980. Prices doubled in under five years at that rate. To stop the spiral, the Fed raised interest rates. Long-term rates were above 15% in 1981. Short-term rates peaked at 22%. A generation later, investors have forgotten about the pain. So, the Fed will change its policy to make inflation more likely. Chances are the results will be the same. Once it starts, inflation will  To read this article and see the chart in its entirety, click here. Have Questions? Speak with a Gold & Silver Specialist. Call Now: 855-554-4853 CALL TODAY!

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